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FiXXT’s on-demand service app is the perfect tool that you’ve been looking for. Our app offers residential and commercial property owners and managers an affordable, reliable, and high-quality solution for your maintenance needs inside & out. Our app allows you to accomplish your many home maintenance to-do items, complete routine maintenance, and even handle emergency situations – all without breaking a sweat or emptying your bank account.


FiXXT is an on-demand home maintenance app that instantly connects you instantly with licensed professionals in your area. If you need a trusted electrician, HVAC Pro, plumber, or handyman at an affordable price then our GPS driven app is for you! We partner with local technicians that are prepared to quickly address your home service and repair needs so that you can request, track, and pay for the maintenance you need through one simple app.





We are the premier on-demand service provider for all of your property repair and improvement needs. We help make your life easier by reducing the time and cost of your property maintenance needs through an expanding network of top professionals in your area. We offer regular maintenance and upkeep services, as well as emergency maintenance services.
FiXXT is also the only On-Demand Service App definitively developed to assist community-based programs for kids in every community we serve. Through our internal program call “IMPACT”, we put the dollars spend on your home maintenance needs back into your community!